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Transcript Genius - AI For Your Transcripts

Say "goodbye" to manual transcript review

Our AI-powered solution reads through your case transcripts to surface customized results, saving you time and effort. From tailored summaries to search engine-like searches, Transcript Genius extracts strategic insights from transcripts with unparalleled accuracy.

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Customized Transcript Summaries

Legal proceedings can span years, and each case can have dozens of transcripts. You can spend hours or days reading transcripts and over-inclusive summaries.

With Transcript Genius that time is reduced to minutes. Create dynamic summaries customized by the length, level of detail, and focus. Simply provide Transcript Genius with the topics and details to focus on, resulting in a summary that covers the specific areas you want a refresher on.

Did witness ever contradict

Interrogate Your Transcripts

Want more details? Just ask! Let Transcript Genius analyze testimony across multiple transcripts.

Ask for more details on a summary or for supporting points for your motion.  Transcript Genius can dive deeper into any result with endless follow-up prompts. Use Transcript Genius to identify inconsistencies, contradictions, and locate testimony that supports your argument. 

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Find Transcripts Faster

Search across all the depositions in your Firm Dashboard. Use Transcript Genius' filtering capabilities to narrow down your search by case, attorney, or witness.

Have an idea of what you're looking for?  Now you can find the transcript you need even if you don't recall the exact term. Transcript Genius uses both exact match and semantically-related search parameters so you can quickly find the transcript with the testimony you need

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Built in Your Firm Dashboard

Transcript Genius is built directly in your Firm Dashboard, with instant access to all the depositions you've taken with Steno. No need to upload or download and move between systems or workflows. Our all-in-one platform allows you to quickly locate any transcript and interrogate it in a single place.

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Our Privacy Commitment

At Steno, we prioritize data security. All data is safeguarded by our adherence to SOC2 Type II and HIPAA compliance standards and the adherence to those standards by our AI partners as well. You can trust that your transcripts and conversations are never used to train the AI and that our AI partners do not retain your data after your Transcript Genius session.



Why is it called Transcript Genius?

Transcript Genius extracts strategic insights from depositions and customized summaries. It’s MORE than what any other Court Reporting Agency can offer.  It's like having a legal genius by your side, providing strategies to help you win your case. 

Is Transcript Genius secure?

Yes. The conversations with Transcript Genius are safeguarded by the same security measures as all the data within Steno. Learn more at our Trust Center. You can rest assured your conversations are not used to train the AI model.

Does Transcript Genius share my data to train any AI models?

No. We do not use Transcript Genius’s conversations to train the AI language model. We do save your conversation within a "context window" or "thread", but only to enable you to ask additional questions with the context of your previous questions. This thread is not shared to others.

Can I upload any transcript for interrogation?

No. Transcript Genius currently only supports transcripts taken with Steno. While we are investigating the option to upload 3rd party transcripts, we do not have a timeline for that ability. 

Can I interrogate draft or un-ordered transcripts?

No. In order to preserve the invaluable work that court reporters provide, we only allow the interrogation of final, ordered transcripts.

How can I verify what Transcript Genius says?

Transcript Genius provides a side-by-side with the transcript, and each answer is cited with a link to the location it was found in the transcript. Human verification is a simple click away.

Will Transcript Genius be an extra cost if I join?

Transcript Genius is currently in the beta testing phase, and participants have the opportunity to use it at no cost until the pricing is finalized.

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