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Deferred Payment Options for Court Reporting Services
Deferred Payment Options for Court Reporting Services

No Upfront Costs.
All Upfront Benefits.

You need to balance the cost of each deposition against the potential benefits to your case. DelayPay makes the equation easier by offering streamlined deferred payment options with zero initial investment.

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A New Kind of Litigation Financing

DelayPay is our signature deferred payment solution. It allows you to use all the court reporting and litigation services you need—without worrying about the upfront cost.


Comprehensive Court Reporting Services

Steno provides concierge support and creates custom solutions to meet your firm’s needs.

What We Do

Steno offers a full suite of court reporting and litigation services, but it’s the way we deliver them that makes us unique.

Court Reporting Reliable court reporting and litigation support services with a revolutionary approach. Learn More
Steno Connect Remote Depositions

State-of-the-art videoconferencing with seamless exhibit handling, purpose-built for remote litigation.

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Technology and Integrations

Steno’s in-house tech team builds solutions tailored to your needs.

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Every Steno client gets exceptional customer service with a dedicated account management team and around-the-clock support.

Steno offers delayed and non-recourse payment, which takes a lot of financial stress away from plaintiff lawyers who just want to help their clients get the best outcome possible.

Rahul Ravipudi | Partner at Panish Shea Boyle & Ravipudi

DelayPay is a game-changer, and it allows David to go up against Goliath.

Abraham Sandoval | Founder of Sandoval Law

When Steno defers payment until a case resolves, that allows lawyers to free up their firm’s capital and grow their companies.

Robert T. Simon | Founder of Simon Law Group

Focus On The Case, Not The Cost

It's time for your depositions to be assets, not obstacles. It's time to start pursuing bigger, bolder cases. It's time to stop weighing the odds and start beating them instead.

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