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The Modern Guide to Litigation Financing

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Litigation is expensive. Expert witnesses, depositions, staffing and a long list of other expenses can limit your options. They can strain cash flow, limit new business—even impact case strategy. Litigation financing provides a powerful solution.

An entire industry has evolved to help attorneys access capital and mitigate risk so they can focus on representing clients. Deals can be as small as $10,000 or run to multiple millions—and innovative companies are creating new options all the time. Download The Modern Guide to Litigation Financing to see what your practice can do.

In this guide you will learn

  • What litigation financing can provide for your practice.

  • New micro-financing options available for law firms, and other types of litigation financing.

  • How the financing process works, including how to select a case and sign an agreement.

  • What to expect in the due diligence process.

  • What’s coming in the year ahead as litigation financing gains momentum.

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Profile - Dylan Ruga
The size of your wallet shouldn’t determine your legal strategy—or the outcome of your case. It should not limit your business, either.

Dylan Ruga Co-Founder, President and Chief Legal Officer, Steno