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Court Reporting for Plaintiff Firms

Leveling the Playing Field for Plaintiff's Attorneys

Exceptional court reporting and litigation support services with no-interest deferred payment options.

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Created by an Attorney, for Attorneys

We built Steno on a simple idea —court reporting shouldn't be an obstacle when you're trying to win a case. We believe something so essential shouldn't be so difficult to navigate. Now with Steno, it's not.

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Every Steno client gets exceptional customer service, with a dedicated account management team and around-the-clock support. See why most plaintiff’s attorneys chose Steno.

Steno is the Plaintiff's counsel's court reporter company. I cannot imagine working with anyone else to handle my depositions. They have been a game-changer for me.

David Kaufman | Attorney

As a solo practitioner representing plaintiffs on contingency, the DelayPay option has been crucial to my ability to balance the cash-flow risks that come with my business model with the need to take depositions to prepare my case for trial or hearing. I can't say enough about Steno, thank you all for making my practice a little easier!

Plaintiff’s Attorney |

Day or night, West Coast or East Coast, Steno has been ready and capable to provide reporting services at a moment’s notice. I would highly recommend them to any serious litigator.

Abraham Sandoval | Attorney

Constantly Innovating to Better Serve You

Custom solutions that help you find court reporting jobs and make your work easier.

DelayPay Litigation Financing

Recourse and non-recourse deferred payment options for court reporting and litigation support services.

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Litigation Support Services Court Reporting

Reliable court reporting and litigation support services with a revolutionary approach.

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Case Studies

Learn more about Steno, the services we provide, and how we can help improve your litigation experience directly from our satisfied clients.

How Rahul Ravipudi Takes Perfect Depositions with Steno How Partner at Panish Shea & Ravipudi LLP Rahul Ravipudi found a technology-centered, thought partner to meet the needs of his complex caseload. Read Now
How This Successful Trial Attorney Kept His Case Moving with a Remote Bench Trial You’ll learn how a successful Los Angeles trial attorney refused to let his case be delayed any longer. He chose to adapt, used the latest remote litigation technology, and kept his bench trial moving. Read Now
How This Firm Owner Found the Perfect Remote Deposition Solution on Instagram Read this Q&A to learn why Throckmorton Law Firm PLLC relies on Steno for remote depositions on a deferred payment basis. Read Now

Level The Playing Field

Don't let financial or technical hurdles stand in the way of your case. Learn how Steno can help you meet deadlines, work up cases, and generate new business.

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