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Work with an agency that works for you.

As a court reporter, you know your work is important. And when you give your all to your work, it’s ok to get some benefits in return. That’s why court reporters choose Steno.

Steno is a court reporting agency that keeps court reporters’ needs in mind. One that doesn’t just book you jobs, it actually makes your job easier. Finally, there’s an agency that bothers you less, so you can work more.

Get in touch at concierge@steno.com

EX: Benefits
  • 01
    Rapid, reliable payments
    Right when you turn in your work, copy orders included.
  • 02
    Career Control
    We treat you like the independent contractor you are.
  • 03
    Less Busywork
    No job worksheets, because double data entry is dumb.
EX: Testimonials
“Steno ranks high among the agencies I work with. It’s so nice to work with an agency that keeps things simple. No portals, no worksheets, no micro managing, and no more waiting for the next random payroll cycle to get paid. Your method of payment upon turn in of transcript is astounding! The staff at Steno are truly the best. They put in extra time and effort to accommodate my preferences and assigns me jobs that I am best suited for in terms of the type of job and location. It’s a pleasure working with you. Keep up the great work!”
Sudny Gallardo
CSR 14023
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