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Steno + Clio Integration

Book court reporting services, right from Clio

Book court reporting services, schedule an interpreter, access deposition transcripts and videos. All that and more - all right within your Clio case management platform. That's the power of Steno's new Clio integration.

Discover the Clio Integration

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About the Clio Integration

Our app embeds Steno’s services directly into the Clio platform, so your firm can book and manage court reporting and videography services right from a Clio Matter. And after your deposition, you can access all your deposition files within Clio, too—for a single, seamless case management experience.

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Court Reporting + Case Management

As an attorney, you've got enough to juggle without spending time toggling between a case management app and a separate court reporting dashboard. Why not have everything all in one place? Now, that's possible. When you integrate Steno's top-tier court reporting services with Clio Manage you can have all the files pertaining to your matter, all in a single, seamless experience.



How do I add Steno to my Clio account?

If you are logged into Clio Manage, you can find Steno in Clio's App Directory here. Otherwise, visit our Knowledge Base here to learn more about adding the app.

How much does Steno's app for Clio cost?

You can add Steno's app to Clio Manage at no additional charge when you book court reporting services through Steno.

Can I use DelayPay when booking services through the Clio platform?

Yes. When you book court reporting services through the Steno app in Clio Manage, you will gain access to Steno's other benefits, like DelayPay.

For additional questions, visit our Knowledge Base to learn more.

Add the power of Steno to Clio Manage.

Start booking court reporting services and managing deposition files right from within your Clio Manage account. Get started today.

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