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Tech-Enabled Court Reporting and Litigation Services

Reliable Court Reporting with a Revolutionary Approach


From your technical needs to flexible financing, Steno is revolutionizing the way court reporting and litigation support services are done.

Who We Serve

Steno was built by tech and legal experts who saw a need for a better litigation experience. We provide customized financial and technical solutions tailored to your firm’s unique needs.

What We Do

Steno offers a full suite of court reporting and litigation services, but it’s the way we deliver that makes us unique.

Court Reporting

Reliable court reporting and litigation support services with a revolutionary approach.

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DelayPay Litigation Financing

Recourse and non-recourse deferred payment options for court reporting and litigation support services.

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Steno Connect Remote Depositions

State-of-the-art videoconferencing with seamless exhibit handling and purpose-built functionality for remote litigation.

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Technology and Integrations

Technical solutions, built by Steno’s in-house tech team specifically for litigation operations, tailored to your needs.

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Being a Steno client means you get exceptional customer service, with a dedicated account management team and around-the-clock support.

Excellent platform with the simplest steps to log in of any deposition I’ve been to, and I liked being able to move the participants into squares to view easily. No complaints.

Sarah Quist | U.S. Department of Justice

Steno has been a fantastic court reporting service for my law firm. They offer the best remote reporting system.
Highly recommended.

Dean Royer | Attorney

Day or night, West Coast or East Coast, Steno has been ready and capable to provide reporting services at a moment’s notice. I would highly recommend them to any serious litigator.

Abraham Sandoval | Attorney

Steno is a 5-star company; they provide excellent customer service, and they go the extra mile to satisfy their clients. If you need court reporting services, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Kerry Dienelt | Office Manager

I’ve freelanced with about every agency out there, and truly, Steno is the best by a mile. I don’t even want to work for anybody else anymore!

Wendy Frazier | Court Reporter

Our Clients

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Litigation Services Backed by Powerful Technology

Steno partners with our customers to continuously improve their user experience with our services and products. Open and candid dialogue with our clients gives us an intimate understanding of the needs of the entire firm, from attorneys to administrators. Then, we work to answer your needs by consistently introducing solutions that simplify the unnecessarily complex litigation system.

Technology and Integrations

The court reporting you need.
The service you deserve.

As an attorney, you need to meet your deadlines, work up your cases, and generate new business. Don't let logistics or technical hurdles stand in your way.

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