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No upfront costs.
All upfront benefits.

As the owner of a plaintiffs’ law firm, you do it daily: you balance the cost of each deposition against the potential benefits to your case. But DisbursePay™ makes the equation easy, by taking the risk out of deposition financing.

DisbursePay is our signature non-recourse deferred payment process. It allows you to hire all the court reporters and videographers you need—without worrying about the upfront cost.

The DisbursePay difference.

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    No costs until you get paid
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  • 03
    No upfront investment
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    No disbursement? No cost
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    No application process
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    Integrated with our services

It’s time for your depositions to be an asset, not an obstacle. It’s time to start pursuing bigger, bolder cases. It’s time to stop weighing the odds, and start beating them instead. It’s time to make the move to Steno.