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Depos From a Distance

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Depos From a Distance™ makes it easy to take depositions remotely. And right now, it’s available with no extra fees. There’s no reason to wait. Get started today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are remote depositions valid in California state court?
Yes. CCP 2025.310 and Rule 3.1010 of the California Rules of Court both allow depositions of non-parties to be taken remotely but the law is ambiguous with respect to whether parties can be deposed remotely. We hope that the legislature will clarify the law soon but, until then, if you are going to depose a party remotely, we suggest having everyone confirm on the record that they agree to do it that way.
Are remote depositions valid in federal court?
Yes. FRCP 30 specifically allows any party to be deposed by audiovisual recording or any other means so long as notice is provided to the deponent and the other party.
What technology do I need?
The amount of technology you need depends on whether you want to show the witness exhibits or not. If you do not plan on using exhibits, you do not need anything other than a camera-enabled device, such as your smartphone or tablet. If you plan on using exhibits, however, we suggest you use a laptop with a webcam so that you can show exhibits to the witness. Either way, you also will need a strong internet connection to avoid lags in the video.
What technology does the witness need?
The witness does not need anything other than a smartphone with a camera and a strong internet connection.
What technology does opposing counsel need?
Opposing counsel does not need anything other than a smartphone with a camera and a strong internet connection.
Where is the court reporter?
The court reporter will join the videoconference remotely. Because all participants are on the same videoconference, the court reporter still will swear in witness and provide an accurate transcript of the deposition.
How does the court reporter get the exhibits to attach to the transcript?
All exhibits are shared using the chat feature during the deposition via files that are hosted in the cloud. At the conclusion of the deposition, Steno will send a transcript of the chat conversation to the court reporter, who will take the links from the chat and attach them to the transcript.
What happens if I need technical help during the deposition?
A representative from Steno will be available to answer any questions or help with any technical issues you may have. Simply email concierge@steno.com or call 888.707.8366.
Can I try it ahead of time?
Yes. Contact us at concierge@steno.com and we will walk you through a “mock deposition” so you can practice working with Depos From a Distance™ before you use it with an actual case.